Our World is Round

We invite you to watch an inspirational short film ‘Our world is round’ which chronicles a group of sporting hopefuls in the early stages of their development.

The Safari Simbaz, led by one of Kenya’s most successful professional cyclists of all time David Kinjah, have already done so much with so little – much more is possible…

Join the Safari Simbaz’s +page and follow them as they open up their lives and continue to share their story online.

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  1. Absolutely beautiful and well put together!

    This will definitely resonate with and captivate the imagination and enthusiasm of a wider audience.

    Well done!

  2. Nadi Hashim says:

    Great stuff!! Keep it up Simbaz!!!

  3. […] He was still inspired by his mentor that got him into cycling, a dreadlocked Kenyan cyclist called David Kinjah. I googled him to find a very impressive ex-pro cyclist, but also found he gave guided cycling […]

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