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Sossi is a leading brand in Kenya for textured soya protein. Sossi became an official sponsor of the Safari Simbaz in 2009 and it provides funds for equipment, branding and nutrition.

David Kinjah


The DHL development team has been developing over a number of years and has now become a fully supporting scheme that is focused on combining excellence in school with the discipline of training for cycling.

The kids supported by DHL come from very underprivileged backgrounds and schooling is always a challenge. DHL help to support the children while at school and their success as cyclists is directly linked to their academic achievements.

As the kids develop through school with the fantastic support of DHL, they are able to understand the true benefits of a healthy body and mind. The ultimate aim for kids is to do well enough at school to later join DHL as trainee employees. Through their successes on the bike and their profiles in surrounding villages, the kids inspire others to stay in school and keep working rather than follow the traditional path of dropping out.

IPvocate LOGO

IPvocate Africa, a Mauritius-based boutique firm focusing on the protection, management, and enforcement of intellectual property rights in Africa, assists us on a pro bono base to secure our trade mark SIMBAZ in Africa and beyond

Tour of Wessex

This year David Kinja will ride the Tour of Wessex which will start on the 27th May.

It is the biggest multi stage cyclosportive in the UK. The cycling cognoscenti, have been making the annual pilgrimage from Langport to Somerset since 2006 .

Whilst raising money for the Safari Simbaz charity this year, participants will enjoy the experience of riding with Kinja and the challenge of riding 3 days back to back together. They will also take pleasure from the West country’s hospitality. Each individual stage has its own unique mix of monuments, history and challenging terrain which sets it apart from other events. With a choice of either 322 miles or 224 miles to complete, this is a very memorable event for any participant.

Japanese Cycling club include the Safari  Simbaz logo in their team kit thanks to Takuya Hagiwara . Takuya spends regular time with the Simbaz .