Friends of the Simbaz


Sossi became the first official sponsor of the Safari Simbaz in 2009. While the Simbaz have lots of supporters and friends that have helped out, the Simbaz simply lacked the time to seek sponsors outside of their busy training and racing schedule while also trying to earn their living by repairing bikes.

Since 2009 Sossi and the Simbaz have both grown together and they are now the backbone to our organization.  Through their fantastic vision and support we are able to provide a small allowance for 8 of the elite riders who race as the Sossi Simbaz Race Team. This allowance helps to support them while they train by improving their diet and standard of living. Sossi have also provided clothing and equipment for the Racing team.


The DHL Development Team has been developing over a number of years and has now become a fully supported scheme that is focused on combining excellence in school and the discipline of training for cycling.  The small groups of kids supported by DHL come from very underprivileged backgrounds and schooling is always a challenge.  DHL help to support the children while at school and their success as a cyclist is directly linked to their academic achievements.

As the kids develop through school and with the fantastic support of DHL they are able to understand the true benefits of a healthy body and a healthy mind.  The ultimate aim for the kids is to do well enough at school to later join DHL as trainee employees. Through their success on the bike and their profile in the surrounding villages the kids aim to inspire others to stay in school and keep working rather than follow the traditional path of dropping out.

Old Mutual

Old Mutual have been a David Kinjah fan for a long time so when they offered to sponsor the guys to come and ride their event it was a chance that couldn’t be missed.  In 2012 we sent two of our young riders as part of their development. Getting out of Kenya to see how the rest of the world treats cycling has proved a fantastic motivation for these guys and with Team Rwanda getting riders into the London 2012 Olympics they really can start to understand that it is possible for a guy from the slums to make it. We hope the Old Mutual relationship continues, and we thank them for their support.