LOGICO Swazi Frontier 2011

Having won the previous year’s Swazi frontier race, the Safari Simbaz / Fairburn Capital veterans, David Kinjah and Davidson Kamau this time with a junior team of Antony Kiarie Mwaura and Kennedy Kamau in tow launched their defense of the 2011 Swazi Frontier by setting a blistering pace and promptly getting lost in the lush Swazi farmland. The handicap of their lack of local course knowledge and a series of technical problems did not stop the pair from retaining their championship.

Newspaper Clipping from the Times of Swaziland

The young bucks, Antony Kiarie Mwaura and Kennedy Kamau finished an impressive fourth continuing the excellent tradition of Safari Simbaz junior performances abroad.

Excellent accounts of the race and post race fanfare can be read here: http://www.theswazifrontier.sz/pages/racereport7.html


Antony Kiarie Mwaura and Kennedy Kamau enjoy a hearty meal after a tough stage on the bike.

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